Submissions from 2010

Effective admissions practices to achieve greater student diversity in dental schools, Shelia S. Price and Donna Grant-Mills

Submissions from 2009

Bisphenol a toxicity and dentistry: Is it panic time or not?, Ronald S. Brown and Michael J. Wahl

Anticancer mechanisms of vitamin E succinate, Yong Heng Dong, Yin Han Guo, and Xin Bin Gu

Oral thrush in a one-month-old infant: Etiology and treatment, Stephen E. Grimm, Leslie Lawrence, John Bailey, and Ronald S. Brown

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General Dentists, Endodontists, and Other Dental Specialists Make Different Treatment Recommendations Depending on Dental Specialty Status When Presented with Varying Clinical Scenarios Involving Endodontically Involved Teeth, Brian Laurence

Submissions from 2008

Oral graft-versus-host disease, M. M. Imanguli, I. Alevizos, R. Brown, S. Z. Pavletic, and J. C. Atkinson

Submissions from 2007

The CDx brush biopsy and the diagnosis of oral candidiasis, Ronald S. Brown, William Berg, William Schlesinger, and Esther L.B. Childers

Medical consultations for medically complex dental patients., Ronald S. Brown, Andre A. Farquharson, and Thomas M. Pallasch

Submissions from 2006

Addressing the shortage of dentists in underserved areas, John R. Bailey, Willie J. Winfree, and Kassahun Hailu

Long QT syndrome [9], Ronald S. Brown

The Chicken Little syndrome., Ronald S. Brown

Oral candidiasis infections with limited clinical findings, Ronald S. Brown, John Bailey, Willie J. Winfree, and Stephen Harden

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Submissions from 2005

Dentition and occlusion development in African American children: Mesiodistal crown diameters and tooth-size ratios of primary teeth, Arnett A. Anderson

Geographic tongue: Literature review and case reports, Barry Pass, Ronald S. Brown, and Esther L.B. Childers

Submissions from 2004

Labial bone concavity of the anterior mandible: A case report, André A. Farquharson, Elizabeth J. Haynes, Steven M. Kaufman, and Ronald S. Brown

Sickle cell disease and trait: an increase in trabecular spacing, a case study., Marie Varley Gillis and Nathaniel M. West

Mucocele of the upper lip: Case report of an uncommon presentation and its differential diagnosis, Indra Z. Mustapha and Stanley A. Boucree

Submissions from 2003

New methods of dissecting the masticator space of the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta), Cecile E. Skinner and Mohammed A. Aziz

Progesterone attenuates the effect of the 5-HT1A receptor agonist, 8-OH-DPAT, and of mild restraint on lordosis behavior, William Truitt, Lance Harrison, Jutatip Guptarak, Stacy White, Cindy Hiegel, and Lynda Uphouse

Submissions from 2002

Dental erosion caused by silent gastroesophageal reflux disease, Dena A. Ali, Ronald S. Brown, Luciano O. Rodriguez, Edward L. Moody, and Mahmoud F. Nasr

The Clinical Efficacy of Colgate Total Plus Whitening Toothpaste Containing a Special Grade of Silica and Colgate Total Fresh Stripe Toothpaste in the Control of Plaque and Gingivitis: A Six-Month Clinical Study, Donald R. Allen, Guido W. Battista, Dolores M. Petrone, Margaret E. Petrone, Patricia Chaknis, William DeVizio, and Anthony R. Volpe

A Clinical Study to Compare the Anticalculus Efficacy of Three Dentifrice Formulations, Donald R. Allen, Guido W. Battista, Dolores M. Petrone, Margaret E. Petrone, William DeVizio, and Anthony R. Volpe

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Sickle cell anemia and dental caries: A literature review and pilot study, Brian Laurence, Britt C. Reid, and Ralph V. Katz

Submissions from 2001

The oral physician: how do we get from here to there?, R. S. Brown, S. Silverman, and E. H. Hall

Changing oral care needs in the United States: The continuing need for oral medicine, Craig S. Miller, Joel B. Epstein, Ellis H. Hall, and David Sirois

Submissions from 2000

The black and white of dental education in the United States enrollment and graduation trends, Ronald S. Brown, Joel L. Schwartz, Michele Coleman-Bennett, and Charles F. Sanders

Candida albicans colonization of surface-sealed interim soft liners, Luciano Olan-Rodriguez, Glenn E. Minah, and Carl F. Driscoll

Digital analysis of trabecular pattern in jaws of patients with sickle cell anemia, S. C. White, J. M. Cohen, and F. A. Mourshed

Submissions from 1998

Efficacy of a mouthrinse containing 0.05% cetylpyridinium chloride for the control of plaque and gingivitis: a 6-month clinical study in adults., D. R. Allen, R. Davies, B. Bradshaw, R. Ellwood, A. J. Simone, R. Robinson, C. Mukerjee, M. E. Petrone, P. Chaknis, A. R. Volpe, and H. M. Proskin

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The relationship between chronic cocaine or alcohol use and blood pressure in black men during uncomplicated tooth extraction, Cleverick D. Johnson, Vahn A. Lewis, Kent S. Faught, and Ronald S. Brown

Submissions from 1997

Retinoid and carotenoid angiogenesis: A possible explanation for enhanced oral carcinogenesis, Joel L. Schwartz and Gerald Shklar

Submissions from 1996

Median rhomboid glossitis and a kissing lesion of the palate, Ronald S. Brown and A. Michael Krakow

Microleakage evaluation of two newly introduced hybrid glass ionomer cements., A. A. Chohayeb, T. Fatahi, and G. L. Henley

The professional socialization of dental hygienists: from dental auxiliary to professional colleague., M. V. Gillis and M. E. Praker

Russell-Silver syndrome: review of literature and report of a case., G. P. Thomas and B. T. Vu

Submissions from 1995

Comparison of thermoplasticized gutta-percha root canal obturation technique to the lateral condensation., A. A. Chohayeb and C. Tom

Dental managed care: an opportunity for empowerment., T. Douglas and G. Manning-Cox

Fabrication of a New Crown and Provisional to an Existing Removable Partial Denture, Andrea D. Jackson and Craig J. Butler

The effects of temperature on the strength of composites., T. J. Matthews and W. G. de Rijk

Submissions from 1994

The dental health care system and minority patients., H. J. Harper

Submissions from 1993

Neuropsychiatric disorders and periodontal disease., O. P. Gupta, O. S. Tiwarri, T. Salimeno, and D. R. Allen

Reply, Morton I. Katz

Hypoplastic neural arch: An anomaly of the first cervical vertebra, Donald M. Russell

Beyond nutrition screening: A systems approach to nutrition intervention. Challenges and opportunities for dietetics professionals, Jane V. White, Johanna T. Dwyer, Nancy S. Wellman, George L. Blackburn, Albert Barrocas, Ronni Chernoff, Donna Cohen, Lucinda Lysen, Sylvia Moore, Bill Moyer, Gwendolyn Pla, and Daphne Roe

Submissions from 1992

Hepatitis B and hepatitis C: what you should know., A. A. Chohayeb

An unexpected growth pattern: considerations in management., M. I. Katz and B. R. Berman

From survival to growth management., E. S. Newman

Evaluation of the carcinogenic potential of toluidine blue O in the hamster cheek pouch, Robert S. Redman, Steven H. Krasnow, and Richard A. Sniffen

Issues and challenges facing the minority woman dentist., J. C. Sinkford

Effects of restorations and carious lesions on the periodontium in humans., O. S. Tiwarri, T. Salimeno, S. Choksi, M. S. Rao, and O. P. Gupta

Submissions from 1991

Bilateral 'kissing' molars, J. Adrian Robinson, Walter Gaffney, and Narendar N. Soni

Treatment of a pseudo-class III relationship in the primary dentition: a case history., S. E. Grimm

Dental management of sickle cell anemia patients., O. A. May

Changing attitudes and behavior of dentists towards hepatitis B vaccinations for infectious disease control: an epidemiological review., R. C. Tatum

Submissions from 1990

Eruption cysts: a retrograde study., R. A. Anderson

Submissions from 1989

Comparison of microleakage of experimental and selected commercially available bonding systems, A. A. Chohayeb and N. W. Rupp

A cephalometric study of 32 North American black patients with anterior open bite, Osmond G. Jones

Radiology of alveolar complications associated with dental extractions, Osie A. May and Jorge A. Contreras

Vertical dimensional changes of the lips in the North American black patient after four first-pemolar extractions, Susan Park, Earl M. Kudlick, and Avadis Abrahamian

Submissions from 1988

Bonding to tooth structure: clinical and biological considerations., A. A. Chohayeb

Pulpal response to a dentin and enamel bonding system, A. A. Chohayeb, R. L. Bowen, and J. Adrian

Submissions from 1987

Dental and oral manifestations of Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome: report of case., M. A. Baker

Submissions from 1986

Combined epithelial odontogenic tumor —adenomatoid odontogenic tumor and calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor: Report of a case, Robert A. Bingham and James C. Adrian

Nonsurgical treatment of extraoral lesions caused by necrotic nonvital tooth, Khodabakhsh Salamat and Rahele F. Rezai

Submissions from 1985

Modification designed to improve instruction in intraoral dental radiography, S. K. Choksi

A survey to evaluate the management of orthodontic patients with a history of rheumatic fever or congenital heart disease, Donald Gaidry, Earl M. Kudlick, Jack G. Hutton, and Donald M. Russell

Submissions from 1984

Inverted follicular keratosis of the lip, James C. Adrian

A study of oral pain experience in sickle cell patients, Georgetta Manning Cox

Effect of economic pressures on dental education at Howard university, J. C. Sinkford

Orofacial pain, P. J. Tsaknis

Submissions from 1983

Ewing's sarcoma of the jaws, Amira Arafat, Gary L. Ellis, and James C. Adrian

Submissions from 1982

Histologic study of pulp capping in rat molars using calcitonin, Herbert S. Smith and Narendar N. Soni

Submissions from 1981

Exploratory endodontic surgery, Khodabakhsh Salamat, Fatemeh R. Rezai, and Robert S. Knight

Survival of black colleges from a dental perspective, J. C. Sinkford and J. L. Henry

Submissions from 1980

Routine Pregnancy Testing: Is it a Standard of Care?, Harold L. Hirsh

Submissions from 1979

Legal implications of patient records, Harold L. Hirsh

Mitotic response in basal cells of the crevicular epithelium to gingival surgery, H. T. Nghiem and S. S. Stahl

Submissions from 1978

Medical malpractice predicated on the tort of “outrage”, Harold L. Hirsh

Submissions from 1977

Duty to consult and refer, H. L. Hirsh

Dental treatment of patient with a cardiac pacemaker. Review of the literature, F. R. Rezai

Submissions from 1975

The effects of zinc on ectopic bone formation, Noah R. Calhoun, J. Cecil Smith, and Kenneth L. Becker

The development of education in dental public health in the United States of America, J. L. Henry and J. C. Sinkford

Scanning electron microscopy of enamel cracks after etching: An in vitro study, Elena L. Liatukas and Raymond F. Young

Long-range effects of Ivalon sponge containing isobutyl cyanoacrylates on rat tissue. A quantitative planimetric study, Narendar N. Soni, Virgil E. Whitehurst, Robert S. Knight, and Jeanne C. Sinkford

Submissions from 1974

Tissue response to intraosseous implants in albino rats, Rajendra J. Desai and Jeanne C. Sinkford

Retention of sealants on the occlusal surfaces of primary molars, H. L. Foster and S. R. Rao

Extend a helping hand to society, J. L. Henry

A study of the radiographic features of the jaws in sickle-cell anemia, Farouk Mourshed and Coleman R. Tuckson

Submissions from 1973

An Evaluation of VC 1800 as a Soft Tissue Replacement Material, Davega Belton, Virgil Whitehurst, Frederick Peagler, Robert Knight, and Dale Grenoble

An evaluation of VC 1800 as a soft tissue replacement material, D. Belton, V. E. Whitehurst, and D. Grenoble