Submissions from 1994

Linkage between the APOB gene and serum apoB levels in a large pedigree from the Bogalusa heart study, A. E. Laing, C. I. Amos, C. DeMeester, A. Diep, Y. R. Xia, R. C. Elston, S. R. Srinivasan, G. S. Berenson, and A. J. Lusis

DNA sequences encoding enolase are remarkably conserved from yeast to mammals, Mukesh Verma and S. K. Dutta

Submissions from 1993

Dietary assessment in Nigerian women: a pilot study., L. L. Adams-Campbell, T. D. Agurs, and F. A. Ukoli

The sickle gene: a marker for blood pressure?, L. L. Adams-Campbell, M. U. Nwankwo, F. A. Ukoli, and T. Biu

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Effect of Ethnicity and Geographical Location on Body Weight, Dietary Restraint, and Abnormal Eating Attitudes, Rena R. Wing, Lucile L. Adams‐Campbell, Marsha D. Marcus, and Carol A. Janney

Submissions from 1992

An application of empirical Bayes methods to updating linkage information on chromosome 21, G. E. Bonney, K. K. Amfoh, S. L. Sherman, and B. J.B. Keats

Segregation analysis of esophageal cancer in 221 high-risk chinese families, Christine Lee Carter, Nan Hu, Min Wu, Pei Zhong Lin, Charles Murigande, and George E. Bonney

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Induction chemotherapy for advanced head and neck cancer: Modification of response to chemotherapy by antiemetics, R. M. White, E. M. Myers, E. Ashayeri, R. V. Gumbs, and R. Pressoir

Submissions from 1991

Biogenic Amines and Ascorbic Acid in Rat Brain Following Steroid Contraceptive Treatment, C. D. Dey, P. C. Das, K. Das, P. B. Patra, and S. Dasgupta

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Submissions from 1990

A time‐dependent logistic hazard function for modeling variable age of onset in analysis of familial diseases, Laurent Abel and George Ebow Bonney

Differences in the Biosynthesis and Localization of the Fibronectin Receptor in Normal and Transformed Cultured Human Cells, Steven K. Akiyama, Hannu Larjava, and Kenneth M. Yamada

Cell surface receptors for extracellular matrix components, Steven K. Akiyama, Kazuhiro Nagata, and Kenneth M. Yamada

A Deletion Linked to a Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase Gene on Chromosome 13q33-qter Occurs Frequently in the Normal Black Population as Well as in Multiple Tumor DNA, Kishor G. Bhatia, Barry W. Cherney, Konrad Huppi, Ian T. Magrath, Jeffrey Cossman, Edward Sausville, Bruce Johnson, Barry Gause, George Bonney, Janet Neequayi, Maria DeBernardi, and Mark Smulson

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Search for faster methods of fitting the regressive models to quantitative traits, Florence M. Demenais, Charles Murigande, and George E. Bonney

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On the asymptotic behavior of the estimate of the recombination fraction under the null hypothesis of no linkage when the model is misspecified, John A. Williamson and Christopher I. Amos

Monoclonal Antibody and Synthetic Peptide Inhibitors of Human Tumor Cell Migration, Kenneth M. Yamada, Dorothy W. Kennedy, Susan S. Yamada, Wen Tien Chen, Steven K. Akiyama, and Harvey Gralnick

Submissions from 1989

Modeling the age‐of‐onset function in segregation analysis: A causal scheme for leprosy, Laurent Abel, Alain Mallet, Florence Demenais, and George E. Bonney

Regulation of Renal N-Nitrosodimethylamine Demethylase Activity by Androgen Progestin, Glucocorticoid, and Estrogen in BALB/c Mice, Surender Ahir and Suresh Mohla

Analysis of fibronectin receptor function with monoclonal antibodies: Roles in cell adhesion, migration, matrix assembly, and cytoskeletal organization, S. K. Akiyama, S. S. Yamada, W. T. Chen, and K. M. Yamada

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A Simulation Study of Properties of a Regressive Logistic Model, Camilla A. Brooks

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A carcinogenesis- and tumorigenesis-associated rat fetal protein: An immuno-histochemical and immuno-biochemical study utilizing a new monoclonal antibody, MOFP, Oladipo A. Oredipe, Dorothy E. Schumm, Frank Mercurio, Saroj Larroya, Rolf F. Barth, and Thomas E. Webb

Primary structure of Bacillus subtilis enolase gene deduced from cDNA sequence, M. Verma

Use of ammonium sulfate precipitation and guanidine isothiocyanate lysis to isolate lambda DNA., M. Verma

Effect of spermidine on the development of bacteriophage SP6, Mukesh Verma

Bromoconduritol treatment delays intracellular transport of secretory glycoproteins in human hepatoma cell cultures, Kiang Teck Yeo, Tet Kin Yeo, and Kenneth Olden

Accumulation of unglycosylated liver secretory glycoproteins in the rough endoplasmic reticulum, Tet Kin Yeo, Kiang Teck Yeo, and Kenneth Olden

Submissions from 1988

Secretory proteins as markers for cellular phenotypes in rat salivary glands, William D. Ball, Arthur R. Hand, and Akindele O. Johnson

A secretory protein restricted to type I cells in neonatal rat submandibular glands, William D. Ball, Arthur R. Hand, Jorge E. Moreira, and Akindele O. Johnson

Augmentation of Murine Natural Killer Cell Activity by Swainsonine, a New Antimetastatic Immunomodulator, Martin J. Humphries, Kazue Matsumoto, Sandra White, Russell J. Molyneux, and Kenneth Olden

Investigation of the biological effects of anti-cell adhesive synthetic peptides that inhibit experimental metastasis of B16-F10 murine melanoma cells, M. J. Humphries, K. M. Yamada, and K. Olden

The cell interaction sites of fibronectin in tumour metastasis., M. J. Humphries, Y. Yasuda, K. Olden, and K. M. Yamada

Tissue specific regulation of renal n-nitrosodimethylamine-demethylase activity by testosterone in BALB/c mice, Suresh Mohla, Surender Ahir, and Franklin R. Ampy

Use of Antiadhesive Peptide and Swainsonine to Inhibit Metastasis, KENNETH OLDEN, SURESH MOHLA, SHEILA A. NEWTON, SANDRA L. WHITE, and MARTIN J. HUMPHRIES

High molecular weight DNA isolation by guanidine hydrochloride or guanidinium isothiocyanate treatment., M. Verma

Submissions from 1987

Skin cancer in black Americans: A review of 126 cases, K. M. Bang, R. M. Halder, J. E. White, C. C. Sampson, and J. Wilson

Increased cancer risks in blacks: A look at the factors, K. M. Bang, E. Perlin, and C. C. Sampson

Logistic regression for dependent binary observations, G. E. Bonney

Genetic etiology of gastric carcinoma: II. Segregation analysis of gastric pH, nitrate, and nitrite, George E. Bonney, Robert C. Elston, Pelayo Correa, Steven R. Tannenbaum, William Haenszel, Diego E. Zavala, Elizabeth Fontham, Guillermo Zarama, Guido Gordillo, and Carlos Cuello

The establishment of hepatocyte cell surface polarity during fetal liver development, Helene Feracci, Timothy P. Connolly, Ronald N. Margolis, and Ann L. Hubbard

Identification of two distinct regions of the type III connecting segment of human plasma fibronectin that promote cell type-specific adhesion, M. J. Humphries, A. Komoriya, S. K. Akiyama, K. Olden, and K. M. Yamada

Investigation of the antimetastatic effects of agents that inhibit cell adhesion or protein glycosylation, M. J. Humphries, K. Matsumoto, S. L. White, and K. Olden

Augmentation of lymphoproliferative activity of tumor‐bearing BALB/c mice to soluble tumor antigens by surgical manipulation: The possible role of macrophages, Calbert A. Laing, Knoxley M. Japal, and Mark E. Baker

Hepatic glycogen synthase phosphatase and phosphorylase phosphatase activities are increased in obese (fa/fa) hyperinsulinemic Zucker rats: Effects of glyburide administration, Ronald N. Margolis

Submissions from 1986

Identification of an alternatively spliced site in human plasma fibronectin that mediates cell type-specific adhesion, Martin J. Humphries, Steven K. Akiyama, Akira Komoriya, Kenneth Olden, and Kenneth M. Yamada

Inhibition of Experimental Metastasis by Castanospermine in Mice: Blockage of Two Distinct Stages of Tumor Colonization by Oligosaccharide Processing Inhibitors, Martin J. Humphries, Kazue M. Matsumoto, Sandra L.W. White, and Kenneth O. Olden

A synthetic peptide from fibronectin inhibits experimental metastasis of murine melanoma cells, Martin J. Humphries, Kenneth Olden, and Kenneth M. Yamada

Oligosaccharide modification by swainsonine treatment inhibits pulmonary colonization by B16-F10 murine melanoma cells, M. J. Humphries, K. Matsumoto, S. L. White, and K. Olden

Purification of antigens of mammary tumor of the mouse by gel filtration, Calbert A. Laing and Knoxley M. Japal

Differential effects of 1-deoxynojirimycin on the intracellular transport of secretory glycoproteins of human hepatoma cells in culture, J. Brian Parent, Tet Kin Yeol, Kiang Teck Yeol, and Kenneth Olden

Modulation of high-dose methotrexate toxicity by a non-toxic level of 5-fluorouracil, Terry J. Robbins, Donnell Bowen, Quang Q. Bui, and Minh Tam Tran

Altered synthesis of heparan sulfate proteoglycans at low sulfate concentration, Bernadette Tyree, John R. Hassell, and Vincent C. Hascall

Submissions from 1985

Regulation of renal dimethylnitrosamine-hydroxylase by androgens and glucocorticoids in BALB/c mice, S. Ahir, F. R. Ampy, and S. Mohla

Role of carbohydrate in glycoprotein secretion by human hepatoma cells, Hans C. Bauer, James B. Parent, and Kenneth Olden

Development of cell surface linkage complexes in cultured fibroblasts, Wen Tien Chen, Etsuko Hasegawa, Takayuki Hasegawa, Catherine Weinstock, and Kenneth M. Yamada

The expression of ceruloplasmin, an angiogenic glycoprotein, by mouse embryonic fibroblasts, Fong Fong Chu and Kenneth Olden

Augmentation of the immune response of BALB/c mice to syngeneic tumor antigens after surgical removal of tumors, and the role of accessory cells, C. A. Laing, K. M. Japal, and M. E. Baker

Collagen can modulate cell interactions with fibronectin, Kazuhlro Nagata, Martin J. Humphries, Kenneth Olden, and Kenneth M. Yamada

Three secretory rates in human hepatoma cells, James B. Parent, Hans C. Bauer, and Kenneth Olden

Increased cancer risk in blacks - is it true?, E. Perlin and J. E. White

Effects of prolonged administration of excess dietary vitamin A and zinc on tissue lipids in rats, S. Shankar and S. Mohla

Recent advances in research on fibronectin and other cell attachment proteins, Kenneth M. Yamada, Steven K. Akiyama, Takayuki Hasegawa, Etsuko Hasegawa, Martin J. Humphries, Dorothy W. Kennedy, Kazuhiro Nagata, Hideko Urushihara, Kenneth Olden, and Wen‐Tien ‐T Chen

Variability in transport rates of secretory glycoproteins within the rough endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi, K. T. Yeo, J. B. Parent, T. K. Yeo, and K. Olden

Retention of a subgroup of unglycosylated glycoprotein in the RER, T. K. Yeo, K. T. Yeo, K. Olden, and J. B. Parent

Submissions from 1984

Structural and functional comparisons of chicken and human cellular fibronectins, B. A. Bernard, S. K. Akiyama, S. A. Newton, K. M. Yamada, and K. Olden

Rate-limiting steps in the interactions of fluoropyrimidines and methotrexate, Donnell Bowen, Brenda D. Bailey, and Linda A. Guernsey