Purification of antigens of mammary tumor of the mouse by gel filtration

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This study was designed to isolate the biologically active components from a perchloric acid (PCA) extract of mammary tumor virus (MTV)-induced mouse mammary tumors (AMMT) previously shown to be capable of inducing DNA synthesis in spleen cells of mice presensitized by inoculation of viable syngeneic mammary tumor cells. AMMT (450 mg) was eluted fom an Ultrogel AcA54 column with separation range of 5-70K in a buffer containing Tris-sodium chloride and EDTA. Two fractions were separated with estimated molecular weights of 68-70K (AMMT I) and 35-40K (AMMT II). AMMT I and AMMT II exhibited DNA synthetic activity 78-fold and 35-fold, respectively, greater than AMMT. The feasibility of further purification of AMMT I by isoelectric focusing was also demonstrated. These components provide the opportunity for further investigation into the molecular basis of tumor-host relationship in this animal model. © 1986.

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