The effects of zinc on ectopic bone formation

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The effect of dietary zinc deficiency was studied in ectopic bone formation subsequent to Achilles tenotomy and also following the implantation of demineralized bone matrix in the muscle of rats. Three experiments were performed. The first was designed to investigate the relationship between zinc and calcium concentration during the formation of ectopic bone in rats fed a commercial laboratory ration, the second concerned the effects of dietary zinc deficiency on ectopic bone formation, and the third studied the subsequent effects of dietary zinc repletion on ectopic bone formation. The results indicated that, with the commerical ration, zinc increased concomitantly with calcium during ectopic bone formation in rats. Dietary zinc deficiency caused a retardation of ectopic bone formation and a significant reduction of in situ zinc and calcium concentration. Dietary zinc repletion to zinc-deficient animals restored the zinc concentration in ectopic bone to a level comparable to that of zinc-sufficient animals. Thus, these experiments present strong evidence that zinc plays an active role in bone metabolism. © 1975.

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