Facebook Addiction among Koreans : A Look at Communication-related Variables

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January 2014


As Facebook usage is surging at global levels, concern is growing over the addictive use of Facebook. This study seeks to explore the factors contributing to Facebook addiction among Koreans, a group living in one of the most wired countries in the world. This study tests the assumption that a person becomes addicted to Facebook due to his or her desire to maintain social relationships. It thus examines such influences on the tendency of Facebook addiction as quality of social relationship, communication motive, and number of Facebook friends. The results show that those who use Facebook for communication and information are more likely to be addicted to Facebook. Another factor influencing one"s inclination to Facebook addiction is quality of relationship, which impacts one"s motivation to make use of Facebook. The results also show that communication motive influenced both the number of Facebook friends and information-gathering habits via Facebook. The study finds that two determining factors of Facebook addiction are usage pattern of Facebook and communication motive. What does not explain a person"s tendency towards Facebook addiction is that person"s desire to maintain social relationships.