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January 2014


The fact that Black people have in the past and continue to endure untold pain and suffering in the mother continent of Africa and in the Diaspora demonstrates that something is wrong and needs to be righted. Henry Louis Gates’ 1999 three-part video documentary series, Wonders of the African World (WAW), funded by BBC and PBS and filmed on the continent of Africa,examined this issue from different perspectives. Professor Gates,a Harvard-based African American scholar,is a renowned intellectual and a cultural critic. Wonders of the African World (WAW) begins with tracing the roots of the ancient Nubians (Blacks in Egypt). he meets with some African Americans in Egypt attempting to trace their own roots as they view the pyramids. They admit that they’ve been misled all along in the United States about their origin, Egypt, not belonging to Africa and the pyramids not having been constructed by Blacks. Pharaohs - they believed - were only Whites, according to the pictures they saw in America.