인터넷상의 반론권 적용에 대한 비판적 이해

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January 2008


This study examined how the right of reply is being applied to the internet media and what are the major legal issues of the right of reply system on the net. Under the Press Arbitration and Damage Redemption Act, because the right of reply is just applied to Internet Newspaper, there have been lots of issues in properly redeeming the repuational griefs by use of right of reply system. As the revision of the Press Arbitration Law is expected in the near future, how the right of reply can be used to make a balance between the freedom of expression and reputational right of the internet users has become the most critical legal and academic issue.Since there are no related legal cases, this study analyzed the previous research and the results of the arbitration of the Press Arbitration Commission (PAC) in regard of right of reply on the net for the last three years. As a result, it was found that the special arbitration committee for the internet should be established under the PAC. More than anything else, the right of reply should be applied not only to internet newspaper but also to other types of internet media such as internet portal or Eonronsa dot com.Also, the way that the reply is published or broadcast on the net should be different from that of off-line media. To allow the retraction of news or information in lieu of publication of reply can be used as an alternative way of redeeming the damages on the internet. Given the fact that most European countries accept the right of reply system, we should develop a unique system which is quite fit to our changing media environment.