Freeze preservation of sickle erythrocytes

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The effect of short‐term cryopreservation on metabolic, functional, and survival characteristics of erythrocytes from patients with sickle cell disease was examined. Post‐thaw hemolysis of glycerolized sickle (SS) erythrocytes was greater (mean 12.9%) than in hemoglobin‐AA cells (mean 4.7%). Freeze preservation had no apparent effect on red cell morphology, percent irreversibly sickled cells, and fetal hemoglobin content. There were modest reductions in ATP and 2,3‐diphosphoglycerate in thawed, washed sickle erythrocytes (12.7% and 29.7%, respectively). However, the autologous survival of 51 Cr‐labelled SS red cells was not shortened by cryopreservation. The safety and efficacy of autotransfusion of cryopreserved red cells in alloimmunized sickle cell disease patients with anemic episodes unrelated to sickling need to be determined. Copyright © 1981 Wiley‐Liss, Inc., A Wiley Company

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