New Directions


Editor's note: Howard University was the setting on January 14 for the release of the National Urban League's annual status report on the condition of Black Americans and other disadvantaged minorities in the United States Coming barely a week before a new chief executive moved into the White House, the report paints a gloomy picture of 1980 and forecasts the same for 1981 At the January 14 press conference, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr .. president of the National Urban League, while seeing "no oroqress in 1980" and predicting conditions to be even "worse" in 1981, called on the incoming Administration to act with sincerity. The State of Black America By Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. "We don't intend to let the Administration, the Congress, or the private sector off the hook. We insist that the assumption of power demands the assumption of responsibility. And the prime responsibility must be to improve the conditions of America's disadvantaged millions. I hope (the President) understands that racial disadvantage and renewed racism are among the most serious of those problems" Excerpts from Jordan's statement at the press conference appea+G323r in the following pages, along with eight summaries of key papers in the 322-page State of Black America report