Advantages and disadvantages of gloves

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• Although gloves protect hands from hazardous environmental factors, there are problems associated with their frequent use. • Dirt, irritation, maceration, allergy, and lack of comfort are the most important problems for consideration. • Permeation of gloves, spillage onto the skin from gloves, and absorption through gloves are means for contamination and irritation. • Irritant dermatitis by polymeric gloves is common in the occupational setting and can be caused by the polymer itself, additives to the polymer, or glove powders. • Allergic contact dermatitis to glove material may be delayed (type-IV) allergy or immediate (type-I) allergy and is perhaps less common than irritant contact dermatitis. • Allergic sensitization is an ongoing concern as presence of allergens imposes on integral precautions within the healthcare setting such as preventing allergic reactions in patients during procedures and protection of patients and healthcare workers from biohazardous materials. • Allergic sensitization may impose upon an employee’s ability to perform tasks necessary for employment within the occupational setting.

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