Dermatotoxicology of microneedles (MNs) in man

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Developed within the last few decades, microneedles (MNs) have only recently seen wide-scale use among the general population, especially in the area of cosmetics. With the FDA only starting to regulate microneedling devices and the many new microneedling products that enter the modern global market, it is of utmost importance to establish the safety profile and reasonable expectations of the microneedling practice and its products. In our review of current literature, the authors searched the keyword “microneedle” with the following terms: “safety”, “side effect”, “toxicology”, “adverse effect”, “adverse event”, “infection”, “dermatitis”, “granuloma”, “scarring”, and “hyperpigmentation”. Despite wide-scale implementation of MNs, we are likely only beginning to understand the potential of MNs as a medical and consumer product, and we should, therefore, be aware of any potential adverse events associated with the product.

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