Cultural considerations in debriefing: A systematic review of the literature

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Background: Conversations are influenced by cultural perceptions, beliefs and values. Debriefing is a learning conversation. Without cross-cultural engagement or culturally relevant teaching, learning may be compromised and may result in an outcome opposite of that intended. Objective: This systematic review explores cultural considerations in healthcare simulation debriefing. We sought to explore findings that could help debriefers create culturally responsive and inclusive debriefings. Study selection: Studies were included if they were peer-reviewed articles in any language and focused on healthcare simulation debriefing and global cultural considerations. Research study methods included qualitative, quantitative or both. The review included any health-related profession and level of learner. Findings: Three studies met the criteria. The purposes of the three studies were significantly different and did not directly study cultural considerations in debriefing. Conclusions: The learner-educator relationship is at risk and learning may be negatively impacted without addressing cultural awareness. More studies are needed to fully describe the effect of culture on successful debriefing.

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