The expression of ceruloplasmin, an angiogenic glycoprotein, by mouse embryonic fibroblasts

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Balb c 3T3, Swiss 3T3 and Rous sarcoma virus transformed Balb c 3T3 mouse embryonic fibroblasts produced ceruloplasmin in vitro, whereas primary cultures prepared from the Balb c mouse embryos did not produce ceruloplasmin. The amount of ceruooplasmin synthesis by the Balb c 3T3 cell line is enhanced by Rous sarcoma virus-transformation (1.5-3 fold) and by treatment with dexamethasone (about 2.4 fold). The protein was identified as ceruloplasmin by (1) immunoprecipitation with ceruloplasmin-specific polyclonal antibody, and by similarity of (ii) peptide maps, and (iii) subunit molecular weight (135,000 dalton) to that of authentic ceruloplasmin from primary cultures of mouse hepatocytes. © 1985.

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