Augmentation of lymphoproliferative activity of tumor‐bearing BALB/c mice to soluble tumor antigens by surgical manipulation: The possible role of macrophages

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Lymphoproliferative activity was assessed by 3H‐thymidine incorporation in spleen cells of mammary tumor bearing BALB/c mice, mice which had their tumors surgically removed, and mice with sham surgery after stimulation in vitro with a soluble extract of syngeneic tumor antigens. Surgical removal of tumors caused an average of 65 % decline in reactivity at 5 days postoperative as compared to reactivity of animals with their tumors intact. Sham surgery caused an average of 33% elevation in reactivity. Macrophages added to cultures at spleen cell/macrophage ratio of 100: 1 caused an average 171%, 59%, and 12% elevation in the activity of surgery, tumor‐bearing, and sham‐surgery animals, respectively. Surgical manipulation of tumor‐bearing mice, therefore, augmented in situ the ability of spleen cells to exhibit lymphoproliferative activity to a soluble syngeneic antigenic extract in vitro, possibly by a mechanism involving the activation of macrophages and requiring the presence of a sizable antigenic load. Copyright © 1987 Wiley‐Liss, Inc., A Wiley Company

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