Effect of spermidine on the development of bacteriophage SP6

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Bacteriophage SP6 is a virulent phage of Salmonella typhimurium which behaves differently than other phages of the same host. The effect of spermidine on SP6 infection of S. typhimurium has been found to depend on the time of addition of spermidine with respect to the time of addition of the phage and also on the composition of the growth medium. If spermidine was added prior to or within a short time after infection, the cells survived. Under this condition the invading DNA appeared to remain trapped in the cell membrane, and there was no expression of the phage genome. If spermidine was added after the initiation of the infection process, the replication of the phage was inhibited but the cells did not survive. Furthermore, if spermidine was added after DNA synthesis was over, there was no effect of spermidine on phage multiplication. Spermidine was found to affect phage DNA synthesis but not host DNA synthesis. © 1989.

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