Weight, nutrition, lifestyle factors and risk for osteoporosis

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This study used data from a recent cross-sectional study of 72 white postmenopausal women who were designated either osteoporotic or non-osteoporotic based on bone mineral density (BMD) scores from the dual energy x-ray absorptiometry scan. Relationships between BMD, body weight, nutrient intake and lifestyle factors were explored. Osteoporotic women reported being slender/small-boned in stature, house confined, taking vitamin D supplementation, and had a lower dietary calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium intake relative to non-osteoporotic women. An increase of 10 lbs. of body weight revealed a protective effect of 29%, Weight appeared to be a protective factor for osteoporosis. © 1998 by The Haworth Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

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