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The National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM) Photograph Collection consists of photographic prints that display the activities, conferences, conventions, programs, and events of the organization between the years of 1981-1983. Many of the members present in these photographs are founding members of the NCBM like Mayor Johnny Ford of Tuskegee, Alabama and Mayor Maynard Jackson of Atlanta, Georgia. Other members included in the collection are Mayor Riley Owens of Centreville, Illinois; Mayor Hampton V. Golston of Richwood, Louisiana; Mayor Cecil Jones of Tatum, Oklahoma; Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles, California; Mayor Marion Barry of Washington D.C.; Mayor Raymond A. Hall of North Brentwood, Maryland; as well as many others. Other notable people present in many of these events were Reverend Joseph Lowery and Jesse Jackson.

Most of the events that the NCBM attended during this time involved energy programs and discussions. In the Summer of 1981, a group from the conference attended an energy program in Monroe, Louisiana. Members, Such as Johnny Ford, visited the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) in Washington D.C. to discuss the status of the electric power industry progress for the people. The NCBM also held annual conferences and conventions throughout 1981-1983, most notably the 1982 1st Mid-Year Conference and the 1983 9th Annual Convention. The final event that was documented in this collection was the 1983 Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Energy Tour which was provided by PEPCO officials to members of the NCBM as well as the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). At the time, Johnny Ford was President of the NCBM. He, as well as the 1983 Board of Directors and CBC members met with the Vice President of PEPCO in Washington D.C. to discuss the future of energy. In total, the collection is comprised of 35 photographic prints.