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The papers of William J. Faulkner (1891 - 1987) Congregational minister, folklorist, author, and Fisk University Dean are in 14 series: family materials; personal papers; financial records; correspondence; writings by Faulkner; sermons, speeches and services by Faulkner; organizational affiliations; writings by others; program files; research files; photographs; artifacts; audio recordings and restricted items. The bulk of this collection is made up of Faulkner's correspondence and writings, which span his entire career from1914 to 1980. Faulkner's renown throughout African American society is reflected in the voluminous correspondence from his professional and personal relationships. There are several manuscript versions of his book, The Days When the Animal's Talked Black American Folktales and How They Came to Be, published in 1977. This title represents a substantial and significant contribution to the history of African American folklore.