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Title: Collection, 1934-1951 Description: 8 linear ft.

Notes: Chiefly transcripts (typewritten). Records from the office of Alfred Edgar Smith, Jr. (b. 1903), administrative assistant and race relations officer, 1934-1943, relating chiefly to the status and participation of blacks in the WPA; and other correspondence and writings of Smith. Bulk of the collection consists of letters to WPA administrators including Smith and Harry L. Hopkins, and to President and Mrs. Roosevelt. Other material includes WPA press releases, annual and monthly reports, other statistical data, writings by Smith on blacks and relief, unemployment, and other topics, and letters to Smith while a correspondent and columnist for the Chicago Defender. Also contains correspondence to Charlie Cherokee, Alfred Smith's pseudonym for his columns in the Chicago Defender. Gift of Mr. Smith, 1960.

Subjects: "Adventures in Race Relations" Afro-Americans (for all permanent residents of the United States of black African ancestry); Employment Blacks; Charitable and social work; Public welfare Blacks; Employment and unemployment Blacks; Mass communication; Newspapers and journalism Blacks; New Deal period Chicago Defender, Illinois. (Newspaper) Defender, Chicago, IL. (Newspaper) "Grapevine" Hopkins, Harry, 1890-1946 (b. Harry Lloyd Hopkins) Journalism; Blacks Negro Press Digest New Deal; Blacks Newspapers; Illinois Newspapers; Sections, columns, etc.; "Adventures in Race Relations" Newspapers; Sections, columns, etc.; "Grapevine" Public welfare; Blacks Race relations; 20th century; 1930s and after Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962 (b. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt); Letters to Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945; Letters to Smith, Alfred Edgar, b. 1903 Unemployed and unemployment; Blacks Unemployment; Work Projects Administration United States; Work Projects Administration; Blacks Work Projects Administration; Records

Location: Howard University, Moorland-Spingarn Research Center (Washington, DC) NIDS Fiche #: 4.72.127 NUCMC #: MS 83-1262