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Title: Papers, ca. 1907-1970 Description: 8 linear ft.

Notes: Lawyer, civic leader, and athlete, of Washington, DC. Chiefly photos, together with correspondence, scrapbooks, and memorabilia, documenting Tyson's activities at Howard University, his military service, legal career, membership in bar associations, service on the DC Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (1958-1970), work with American Red Cross in New Guinea and Australia during World War II, and particularly his participation in sports and athletic achievements. Consists largely of photographs of sporting events. Also contains material relating to the Pigskin Club. Gift.

Subjects: Alcoholic Beverage Control Board; Tyson, James Guy, board member American National Red Cross; Australia American National Red Cross; New Guinea American National Red Cross; Task Force; Tyson, James Guy, member Athletics Australia; American National Red Cross Bar associations; Washington, D.C. Brown v. Bar Association of District of Columbia Commonwealth of Virginia v. George Crawford Crawford, George District of Columbia Bar Association Football Howard University; Law School Howard University; Students; Tyson, James Guy Howard University, Washington, DC Law practice; Washington, DC Lawyers; Tyson, James Guy Liquor (Alcohol); Laws; Washington, DC National Association for the Advancement of Colored People New Guinea; American National Red Cross New Guinea; World War II Photographs; Tyson, James Guy Pigskin Club Red Cross; American National Red Cross; World War II; Australia Red Cross; American National Red Cross; World War II; New Guinea Republican Party; Washington, DC Sports Sports; Societies, etc.; Pigskin Club Swimming Tuskegee Institute; History Virginia; Commonwealth of Virginia v. George Crawford War work; American National Red Cross Washington, DC; Government; Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Washington, DC; Legal affairs; Lawyers' and judges' papers World War (1914-1918); Service World War II (1939-1945); Civilian war effort; Red Cross

Location: Howard University, Moorland-Spingarn Research Center (Washington, DC) NIDS Fiche #: 4.72.117 NUCMC #: MS 83-1261