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Title: Papers, 1867-1873 Description: 1 linear ft.

Notes: State legislator, lieutenant governor, and Republican leader of Louisiana. Correspondence, writings, speeches, clippings, printed matter, and other papers, relating to Pinchback's political career in Reconstruction Louisiana and his disputed US Senate seat (so-called "Louisiana Case," eventually denied him); together with biographical sketch and minutes of Colored Newspaper Men and Union Progressive Club.

Subjects: Afro-Americans (for all permanent residents of the United States of black African ancestry); Societies, etc.; Union Progressive Club Blacks; Mass communication; Newspapers and journalism Blacks; Organizations and societies Clubs; Blacks Colored Newspaper Men Journalism; Blacks Journalism; Societies, etc.; Colored Newspaper Men Louisiana; Governors; Pinchback, Pinckney Benton Steward Louisiana; History; Reconstruction, 1865-1877 Louisiana; Lieutenant governors; Pinchback, Pinckney Benton Steward Louisiana; Politics Louisiana; Reconstruction (Post-Civil War period) Louisiana; Senators; Pinchback, Pinckney Benton Steward Paris, France; Medical affairs; Hospitals Reconstruction (Post-Civil War period); Louisiana Republican Party; Louisiana Senators; Pinchback, Pinckney Benton Steward (Louisiana) State legislators' papers; Louisiana Union Progressive Club, New Orleans, LA

Location: Howard University, Moorland-Spingarn Research Center (Washington, DC) NIDS Fiche #: 4.72.89 NUCMC #: MS 83-1251