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The Dentoscope was a semi-monthly publication produced by the Howard University College of Dentistry. Included within its pages are a wide range of topics including socialized dentistry, discussions of the developments of dental techniques, race and dentistry and news from the College’s faculty. There is also a history of the College of Dentistry. Each issue contains a section entitled “Who’s Who Among Our Faculty”, which features a photograph and a biographical sketch of several faculty members from the college. They also contain a section called “Here or There”, where the students would comment on a wide range of dental related topics including commentary and news from around the nation. The progress of College of Dentistry alumni is also featured in the section “Gleanings from Our Alumni” which presented the accomplishments of the alumni during a given period.

Current Issue: Volume 21, Issue 2 (1941)



Ethics In Dentistry
Herman E. Thompson