A case of cheilitis granulomatosa/orofacial granulomatosis

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A case of a 19-year-old female patient is presented to a private practice dental clinician with swelling of the lower lip and inflammation of the anterior dorsal tongue. The patient presented with moderate oral pain as well as abdominal pain. The lesions were biopsied and noted for a granulomatous histopathologic appearance. The patient reported a history of using cinnamon as a flavoring agent. The lesions resolved within two weeks after the biopsy procedures and topical steroid therapy. The lesions were diagnosed as cheilitis granulomatosa/orofacial granulomatosis. The patient has remained lesion free as of the three-year follow-up. Etiologic, diagnostic and therapeutic issues related to this relatively rare condition of cheilitis granulomatosa/orofacial granulomatosis are discussed.

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