Parotin and Growth Centers of Femurs and Incisors in Mice

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Intramuscular injections of a parotid gland extract caused changes in the growth centers of mice femurs and in the zone of enamel secretion in the mandibular incisors. These changes were observed with injections of Parotin at 0.15 or 0.30 mg. for each injection. However, they were more extreme and took place sooner with the concentration of 0.30 mg. of Parotin per injection. Growth and development of these mineralized areas were not enhanced. Changes in the enamel secreting zone of the mandibular incisors were as follows: (1) granular appearance of the cytoplasm, thickening of cell walls of ameloblasts, (2) distortion of the ameloblastic Tomes's processes, (3) failure of ameloblasts to secrete compartmental protein arrangements in an orderly fashion, (4) distortion of the newly formed protein matrix, and (5) marked increase in vascularity of the area. Changes that took place in the growth centers of the femurs were as follows: (1) retardation of expected degeneration of cartilage cells, (2) decrease in proliferation of cartilage cells, (3) ballooning and/or reversion of cartilage cells, (4) osteoid proliferation deep within the epiphyseal cartilage, (5) increased numbers of blood vessels along the metaphyses, and (6) increase in cellularity and size of marrow spaces. © 1959, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.

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