The effect of salivary gland extracts on tooth development

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Periodic intramuscular injections of salivary gland extracts caused alterations in the growth centres of mandibular incisor teeth of mice. With the concentrations given, 0.30 mg and 0.15 mg per injection, the higher dose either directly or indirectly caused marked changes in the fabrication of the enamel protein matrix. While there were changes within the dentine, as indicated by increased predentine being laid down the changes here were not as dramatic as those observed within the protein matrix of enamel. Another significant alteration was the marked increase in size and number of vessels to the area. Vascularity was at first increased in the adjacent regions and later to the dental pulp. Changes were at first noted after two injections and were most obvious between 4 and 6 injections. This study shows a definite relationship of salivary gland extracts with the mineralization of teeth. © 1963.

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