Parotid Gland Extracts and Mice Submaxillary Glands

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The following changes were observed in the serous or major portions of mice submaxillary glands following intramuscular injections of 0.3 mg. each of a standardized commercially prepared extract of bovine parotid glands: increased numbers of cells in the acinar parts of these glands; increased size of these cells near the center portions of these glands and/or near blood vessels; increased numbers of cytoplasmic vacuoles in the peripheral aspects of these glands; increased accumulations of glycogen deposits in the acini especially near the regional lymph glands; increased cellular population of the zona reticularis of the adrenals; increased mitogenic activity of cells adjacent to the ducts and marked proliferation of ductal epithelial cells; significantly increased size of vessels in association with the ducts and increased number of red blood cells within these vessels; increased accumulations of secretary products within the ducts; and increased size and number of sinus spaces within adjacent lymph glands, as well as increased size or dilation of afferent and efferent lymph vessels. © 1962, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.

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