Microradiographic and polarized-light study of dental tissues in vitamin D-resistant rickets

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Six teeth (one permanent and five deciduous) from five patients with vitamin D-resistant rickets were investigated by microradiography and polarizing microscopy. With the exception of an exfoliated lower deciduous central incisor, all of the teeth showed wide areas of interglobular dentine in the areas of the crown dentine and radicular dentine. The dentine formation was greatly disturbed and mineralization was poor. In most instances there was an accentuation of the Tomes' granular layer; however, the cementum formation appeared to be normal. Polarized-light examination revealed that, in most instances, the tooth pulp was firmly adherent to the walls of the pulp chamber and root canal and there were pathologic changes in the pulp. Hypomineralization and hypoplasia of the enamel were observed in one of the six teeth included in this study. Attrition of the teeth was quite common. © 1967.

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