Compound composite odontoma. Report of two cases

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Two cases of compound composite odontomas, one containing seven and the other containing seventeen small toothlike structures, have been presented. One of these tumors occurred in relation to an unerupted maxillary cuspid and the other occurred in relation to an unerupted mandibular cuspid. When ground sections from some of the small toothlike structures recovered from these odontomas were examined by means of polarizing-light microscopy, it was observed that the enamel, dentine, and cementum showed pronounced changes. There were hypoplastic areas and diffuse hypomineralized zones in the enamel. Dentine formation was greatly disturbed and showed the presence of interglobular dentine, atypical arrangement of dentinal tubules, and bulbous areas of dentine formation. In a few instances cementum deposition appeared to be excessive. Large areas of cementum and dentine were resorbed and repaired by cementum. © 1968.

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