An evaluation of VC 1800 as a soft tissue replacement material

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Investigations by Markle and Grenoble in 1971 reported VC 1800 to be one of the most biocompatible synthetic materials currently being used or developed for human implantation. However little data is available on the inflammatory response of soft tissues to VC 1800. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the inflammatory response of soft tissues to VC 1800 through the use of histologic observation and evaluation. VC 1800 microballoons and spheres were implanted within the paravertebral muscles and the leg muscles of 24 female rabbits. The material was placed using 2 separate techniques: (1) surgical technique and (2) injection technique. Controlled implantation of normal saline solution without the spheres and incisions with suturing were made in the appropriate sites on the opposite of the test animals. Animals were sacrificed at intervals of 1, 4, 7, 15, 30, 60, 120 and 180 days. After the animals were sacrificed, the implanted tissues were removed and prepared for histologic analysis with H & E stains. The findings showed that the implant material provoked minimal acute and chronic inflammatory response, which indicates that vitreous carbon is biocompatible.

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