A study of the radiographic features of the jaws in sickle-cell anemia

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Radiographs of the jaws of eighty patients known to have sickle-cell anemia were studied. There appeared to be an eighty-five per cent positive correlation of two radiographic signs which have been reported to be associated with SCA. These two signs are increased radiolucency of the jaws and the presence of a coarse trabecular pattern. This apparent correlation was not supported by hemoglobin electrophoresis studies of twenty regular clinic patients who demonstrated the same two radiographic signs seen in the jaws of the known SCA patients. In addition, it was concluded that the disease was not associated with either thinning of the inferior border of the mandible or the occurrence of healed infarcts in the jaws, as has been reported in the literature. It was, therefore, concluded that the radiographic features of the jaws alone could not be considered as reliable diagnostic criteria for the presence of sickle-cell anemia. © 1974.

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