Submissions from 2021

How cultural tightness interacts with gender in founding teams: Insights from the commercialization of social ventures, Ikenna Uzuegbunam, Seemantini Pathak, Amy Taylor-Bianco, and Brandon Ofem

Submissions from 2020

Applying the Challenge-Hindrance Stressor Framework to Doctoral Education, Kelly Davis McCauley and Amanda S. Hinojosa

Submissions from 2019

The impact of a supplier's environmental management concerns on a buyer's environmental reputation: The moderating role of relationship criticality and firm size, Anupam Kumar, David E. Cantor, and Curtis M. Grimm

Bullseye: An argument for effectively managing retail stakeholder relationships, Efua Obeng

“Paying it forward: The reciprocal effect of superior service on charity at checkout”, Efua Obeng, Chinintorn Nakhata, and Hsiao Ching Kuo

Submissions from 2018


Streeter - 2018 - Response of US Banks - Banking and Finance Review - PV2.pdf, Denise Streeter

E-cigarettes/electronic nicotine delivery systems: A word of caution on health and new product development, Michael Unger and Darian W. Unger

Submissions from 2017

CPA credential perceptions: a case study of Hispanic accountants, Helen G. Gabre, Dale L. Flesher, and Frank Ross

Environmental management rivalry and firm performance, Anupam Kumar, David E. Cantor, Curtis M. Grimm, and Christian Hofer

Submissions from 2016

Survival of The Fittest: How Competitive Service Overlap and Retail Format Impact Incumbents’ Vulnerability to New Entrants, Efua Obeng, Ryan Luchs, J. Jeffrey Inman, and John Hulland

Submissions from 2015

Setting safety stock based on imprecise records, Anupam Kumar and Philip T. Evers

Retail capability systems, Efua Obeng, John E. Prescott, John Hulland, Robert Gilbert, and James Maxham

Submissions from 2014

Do women fare better in female-owned businesses?, Pat Roberson-Saunders, Raymond D. Smith, and Rajni Goel

Submissions from 2013

Factors influencing consumers' online shopping in China, Wen Gong, Rodney L. Stump, and Lynda M. Maddox

Submissions from 2012

Interactive planning for strategy development in academic-based cooperative research enterprises, Anthony D. Wilbon

Submissions from 2011

Contingency as an entrepreneurial resource: How private obsession fulfills public need, Susan Harmeling

Re-storying an entrepreneurial identity: Education, experience and self-narrative, Susan S. Harmeling

Modern innovation management theory and the evolving US lighting industry, Darian Unger

Submissions from 2009

Do dow stocks offer a value premium?, Jin Gil Jeong, Youngho Lee, and Sandip Mukherji

REIT holdings and performance, Russell M. Price

Submissions from 2004

Book reviews, Marcia Annisette

Accounting and empire: An introduction, M. Annisette and D. Neu

Submissions from 2001

Marketing to Ethnic Minority Consumers: A Historical Journey (1932-1997), Geng Cui

International technology transfer: A complement to economic restructuring?, Narendra K. Rustagi

Submissions from 1994

Post-hospital care for the underserved: a review., P. E. Wallace

Submissions from 1991

Applications of the parametric programming procedure, Noel Bryson

Submissions from 1990

Health reforms and the black community, R. D. Hester and J. B. Barber

Submissions from 1975

Number of choices and perceived decision freedom as a determinant of satisfaction and consumer behavior, David J. Reibstein, Stuart A. Youngblood, and Howard L. Fromkin