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March 2013


In the present study, 102 samples of exudates from cutaneous leishmanial lesions were collected from local Pakistanis and Afghan refugees residing in Dargai Tehsil of Malakand Agency Pakistan, and were analyzed. The lesions were more prevalent among the locals (60.79%) compared to refugees (49.21%), and 70.58% male compared to 30.42% female were infected with Leishmania. Infection was more prevalent among youth's ages of 11-20 year old (34.32%) compared to older adults. Exposed parts of the body (face, hands, legs, neck, ears and feet) were the main affected areas. Faces experienced more bites (36.28%), followed by legs (26.48%), and hands (21.57%). Lesions lasting duration of 3-4 months was more prevalent (42.16%). The present research also disclosed some key factors that seem to be responsible for the prevailing rate of incidence.