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January 2007


The nonmarine snails of the Hawaiian Islands have been cataloged by Cowie (1997),reviewed by Cowie (1998a), and subsequent new records reported by Cowie (1998b, 1999,2000). The horticultural industry has been implicated in the transport and introduction ofsnails and slugs in various parts of the world (e.g., Robinson 1999; Barrientos 2000; Cowie&Robinson 2003; Robinson & Slapcinsky 2005), including Hawai‘i (e.g., Cowie 1998b,1999, 2000). Therefore, between 2004 and 2006 we undertook field surveys of nurseries,botanical gardens, and other similar facilities involved in the cultivation of plants, includ-ing aquatic plants, for sale, recreation or research on the six largest of the main HawaiianIslands, with the objective of documenting the species of snails and slugs present in thesefacilities. Selection of facilities to be surveyed attempted to cover each island broadly,although most nurseries are on the wetter, windward (northern and eastern) sides of theislands. We surveyed 7 locations on Kaua‘i, 13 on O‘ahu, 1 on Moloka‘i (the only nurseryon that island), 5 on Maui, 1 on Läna‘i (the only one), and 13 on Hawai‘i.We document here the new state and island records. A more comprehensive analysisand discussion of all records will be published elsewhere. Collections were made byKenneth A. Hayes (KAH), Chuong T. Tran (CTT), Robert H. Cowie (RHC) and others, asindicated. All collected material, not only that reported here, is deposited in the BishopMuseum (BPBM) Malacology Collection. Catalog numbers are BPBM MalacologyCollection numbers. Assignments to families followRobinson (1999) if applicable.Families are treated alphabetically. All latitude and longitude coordinates were recordedby GPS using the WGS 84 map datum.