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January 2012


The alien nonmarine gastropods of the Hawaiian islands were cataloged by Cowie (1997) and were reviewed by Cowie (1998a). Subsequent new records (both for the archipelago and for individual islands) were reported by Cowie (1998b, 1999, 2000), Kraus (2003), and, specifically associated with the horticultural industry between 2004 and 2006, by Hayes et al. (2007), reviewed and analyzed by Cowie et al. (2008). Subsequent surveys, covering 196 sites across the six largest main Hawaiian islands during 2006–2010, have resulted in the additional new records reported here. We surveyed 29 locations on Kaua'i, 48 on O'ahu, 13 on Moloka'i, 50 on Maui, 4 on Lāna'i, and 52 on Hawai'i. Sites ranged from highly disturbed lowland habitats dom-inated by nonnative vegetation to high elevation habitats at which most of the vegetation was native. Also included were a number of horticultural nurseries and agricultural re -search stations. A small number of additional records based on collections by collaborators (1996–2007) are also included, as well as 2004–2005 records of Allopeas clavulinum that were inadver-tently omitted by Hayes et al. (2007). We document here the new state and island records. A more comprehensive analysis and discussion of all records will be published elsewhere. Collections were made by Kenneth A. Hayes (KAH), Norine W. Yeung (NWY), Jay nee R. Kim (JRK), Robert H. Cowie (RHC), and others as indicated. All collected material, not only that reported here, is deposited in the Bishop Museum (BPBM) Malacology Collection. Catalog numbers are BPBM Malacology Collection numbers. Assignments to families fol-low Robinson (1999), with the exception of Bulimulus guadalupensis, which is assigned to the Orthalicidae following Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) rather than Buli mul idae, which these authors placed as a subfamily of Orthalicidae. Families are treated alphabetically. Latitude and longitude coordinates were recorded by GPS.