The Academy Herald

Volume 3, Issue 8 (1914)

This issue was incorrectly numbered Volume 3, Issue 1. The title of the online version has been updated to reflect its correct issue number, issue 8.



Robert H. Green ’15,
Marion Wyatt ’15,
Associate Editor
Chauncey White ’15,
Associate Editor
S. P. Brown ’16,
Associate Editor
P. C. Christian ’17,
Associate Editor
F. D. Carter ’16,
Athletic Editor
L. A. Fowlkes ’15,
Business Manager
York Garret ’16; O.W. Winters '16,
Assistant Business Managers
B. R. Latimer ’16,
Circulation Manager
B.A. Coles ’16; S. H. Gibson ’17
Assistant Circulation Managers
J. L. Doss ’15,
Advertising Manager
D. Mattocks ’1; Wyoming Williams ’16,
Assistant Advertising Managers