The Academy Herald

The Howard University Academy Herald

The Academy Herald.

The Academy Herald was a monthly magazine published by the students of the Howard University Academy. The aim of the magazine was to publish general university news and life at the Academy. The Academy was established by the trustees of the University to provide instruction necessary for the adequate preparation of students for the “College of Liberal Arts.” Its curriculum was designed to meet not only those whose aim was college preparation but also of those who sought a general high school education, or who wanted to enter professional study. Students were provided courses in History, English, Latin, Greek, Physiography, physics and other Liberal arts courses.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 8 (1916)



Samuel H. Gibson '17
Willa Mae Brown '17
associate Editor
Olive B. Smith ’ 17
Associate Editor
A. Augustus Brown '18
Associate Editor
Lorraine H. Davis '18
Associate Editor
L. E. Croell '18
Athletic Editor
J. H. Russell Dyett ’17
Business Manager
C. S. Boyd '18; I. L. Parker '17
Assistant Business Managers
H. Plummer '18
Circulation Manager
J. E. Strange '18; N.P. AndreWs’18
Assistant Circulation Managers
L. B. Lucas '17
Advertising Manager
L. McMillian. '18
Assistant Advertising Manager